KGB Decoders, Inc.

Welcome To KGB Decoders, Inc.

KGB Decoders, Inc. offers decoding and decrypting services for most types of encoded files. The decoding/decryption service that we offer is presently able to decode the following types of PHP encoded files:

  • arrow ByteRun
  • arrow CNCrypto
  • arrow CodeLock
  • arrow Eugen
  • arrow IonCube
  • arrow Kallisto
  • arrow Nu-Coder
  • arrow PHP Cipher
  • arrow PHP Ion
  • arrow PHP LockIt
  • arrow PHP Shield
  • arrow Source Cop
  • arrow Source Guardian
  • arrow Swyer PHP
  • arrow TrueBug
  • arrow Unicode Escaped Encoding
  • arrow Zend
  • arrow Zorex PHP Crypt


Please read our Terms of Service before requesting our service. When you are finished, go to the Procedures section by clicking on the top button in the sidebar to the right to see how to get your file or files decoded.